If you have been in any of the mainstream social media websites, then you are already part of a secret shadow network that the Intelligence agency of the US has developed and there is even a website that is developed for this. Where they are happy to display all the sources and information they gather. The website called GETPRSM is something the NSA has openly admitted to having built and using.

Originally created to collect information on people outside the US of A, Not long ago Edward Snowden (who is missing in action by the way) had exposed the PRISM program that the NSA used to gather all sort of information from all kinds of sources. And that is probably what spy agencies are required to do.

But starting a website where every other persons information is gathered from everything we tweet, update on FB or Google and that too openly is certainly a matter that should concern everyone around the world.

Now this information is sourced not from some conspiratorial media site but from a reputed Technology information site called Techdirt which further states that, this was started way back in 2002 and was called the Total Information Awareness.

Techdirt further states that period, since then the NSA has got around snatching everything that can be snatched. They just have to come up with some wacky reason to claim that so-and-so might have foreign connections that are important to know about, and voila, their life is open for the NSA to dig in, all without any oversight or a warrant. So, I guess when the oldest democracy in the world does this kind of snooping, others are bound to follow.  And where the spy agencies go, the hackers follow.

Source: wikipedia.org

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