A step in the right direction: Defense to invest and expand it Deep Web Search Engine
Let’s first understand Deep Web. Search engines like Google and Yahoo usually show the most popular pages. But, Deep Web is the data which is not fished by usual search engines. This dangerous anonymity can be very perilous in terms of safety and security. This unavailability gives shelter to a myriad of criminal activities which go undetected.

The deep web search engine called Memex.
Memex is a deep web search engine developed by DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). It is unlike Google, Yahoo or Bing. The most important difference is the depth of search performed by Memex. It can traverse up to 95 % of deep web resources. Then the data is presented in minute details, consisting of elaborate infographics and statistics.
The privilege of such a device is only made available to government, which applies its judicious use to counter criminal activities. These underhand dealings range from human, trafficking, terrorism, rape, slavery to pedophilic crimes. The current focus is to counter slavery related activities. It may escape us, but more than 21 million people are victims of forced labor worldwide. This is an elaborate maze, involving more than $150 billion profits every year.
The success story of Memex is commendable and in the recent past many criminals have been brought to justice. This has also managed to uproot many such shady organizations which are convicted of gross human rights breach.

More Good news: Plans to make the search engine stronger
IST Research has worked with DARPA for years. The main goal of this merger is to build a stronger and more effective deep search engine. The technology is being borrowed from Rescue Forensics which will be used in tandem with IST’s Pulse Platform. Rescue Forensics works with the use of big data, analytics and computer forensics, to provide law enforcement agencies intelligence they use to prevent crimes. They work with over 450 agencies throughout the world. The search engine has been focusing on extracting valuable information from all parts of the world. The most important target areas are places where the accessibility and tracking mechanism is abysmal. Africa would be one such example where child soldiers are forced into terrorism. Also tracking the criminal activities in central Africa and places like Aleppo is of crucial importance. The search involves email exchanges and phone conversations, thus targeting a wider digital footprint making anonymity of criminal master minds extremely difficult. This is indeed a commendable step in promoting global safety.

Source: https://hacked.com

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