Turning into an internet user’s biggest nightmare, Ransomware in 2016 again demonstrated that it is the biggest security threat the cyber world has to deal with. Whether it occurred due to absence of a protection shield on the devices or a lack of smartness and alertness on the user’s part, a Ransomware attack is one of the most panic causing situations a cyber-threat can possibly create.

With more than 200 new strains of Ransomware discovered in the last year alone, the cyber security firm Avast, as per its commitment to protection against the Ransomware, is providing free decryption tools to Ransomware victims. Recently the company released three more decryption tools for the following strains:

Hidden Tear
One of the first Ransomware codes hosted on the Github, Hidden Tear dates back to 2015. Since then, it has been produced by crooks using the original source code which has led to hundreds of Hidden Tear variants impacting the security of internet users. It uses the AES encryption. Some of the extensions which the encrypted files have include: .CAZZO, .doomed, .bloccato, .BUGSECCCC, .Hollycrypt, lock, .saeid, .unlockit, .razy, .8lock8, .fucked, .flyper, .kratos, .krypted, .unlockit, .razy, .mecpt, .monstro, .lok and more.

Jigsaw is a Ransomware strain that has been in existence since around 2016. It derives its name from the movie “The Jigsaw killer” because of the Ransomware variants using the latter’s picture in the ransom screen. The encrypted files will follow extensions including: .paymrts, .paybtcs, .fun, .hush, .kkk, .btc, .gws, .J, .encrypted, .paymts, .paymst, .payrms, .porno, .payransom, .pornoransom, .xyz, and .versiegelt.

Written using AutoIt script tool, Stampado is a Ransomware which has been around from August 2016. Philadelphia is another version of Stampado. It is also sold on the dark web, and its new variants keep appearing. Stampado adds a .locked extension at the end of the encrypted files. It is also possible that some of the variants might encrypt the file name itself, which then might appear like “document.docx.locked”.

  • It would be highly beneficial to safeguard the data on the device using an antivirus which will act as a shield and a safety net.
  • A certain level of alertness to not fall into the social engineering tactics used by Ransomware distributors will surely lower the risk of getting trapped.
  • Backing up the data at regular intervals will help in preventing a loss of something important.
  • Be careful of the links you access and downloads you make on the

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