The movie, Terminator was an eye opener for many as to what the future beholds and even the sequels did quite well. Other sci-fi movies and soaps projected a generally dark reality of what is to come. More recently, Moley, the first robotic chef was launched as demonstrated in the following commercial video.

Now as far dining goes, we all take for granted that the food is cooked and dished out for our taste buds and not to lead us to our graves. Can we trust the same with robotic chefs! To not poison either erroneously or in case of future AI, deliberately or in case of hackers or spies?

Certainly a thought to digest. We are seeing more and more surgeries being done by machines and the US has a 09 page U.S. Roadmap for Robotics roadmap on how to progressively hand over more and more jobs to Robots.

There is definitely a positive aspect of involving machines in doing some of the dangerous and menial tasks but are we going to sacrifice humanity for making a profit? Are we that stupid!
Source: Pixabay

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