Nowadays, Internet security is the most important issue in today’s world. Hacking is on the rise in this era. One such incident occurred in China; The Chinese video service giant Youku got hacked recently.

Around 100 Million accounts got sold out on the website Dark web. The vendor has gone by the handle of CosmicDark is selling a database containing 100,759,591 accounts stolen from Youku Inc. According to the vendor’s listing, the data was leaked in 2016 and leaked on the Internet, this year only.

Cosmic Dark is selling the whole package for USD $300. It contains emails and passwords decrypted MD5 and SHA1 hashes. Although all the data is hacked, there is no clue about, how the database was hacked and stolen.

All about Youku

It is one of the China’s top online video and streaming service platforms. Youku was founded by Victor Koo who was the former president of Chinese Internet portal Sohu.

Other competitors of Youku in the market are iQiyi, Sohu, LeTv, and others. Amongst all of them, iQiyi is one of the toughest competitor, toppling the Youku’s domination in the Chinese market.

Youku permits the user to upload of arbitrary length.  It has partnered with Television stations, distributors and film and TV Production Company in China. It allows the Chinese government to check for inappropriate or offensive videos on their platform. Its video library includes many fullvideos and Television episodes.


Significance of the incident This incident has a very harsh impact on the Company.

  1. Since Youku is a well-known service provider in the China, the following incident has shown the downtrodden situation of the security.
  2. The security of the Internet services has always been a matter to discuss, but, people ignore this thing.
  3. Various malware attacks on the system of the user were common at a point. But, this thing has opened our eyes about the security issues in the online world. The cyber security cell is keeping an eye on the events after the incident. More and more, Tech-savvy people have come up protesting against the hacking and other malware attacks.
  4. According to the data provided by the vendor CosmicDark, most of the emails are based on the,, and
  5. It should be noted that the data provided has already been decrypted and publicly available on the Internet. The officials should look for the security in a better way.

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