Security threats pertaining to loss of personal data such as account information, address, social security number, etc. being hacked is a constant in the cyber world. A lot of threats have indeed shaken the whole cyber world, and increased the instances of cyber crime.

Recent amongst this, a cyber crime involving PlayStation and Xbox rose its ugly head. According to a report, nearly 2.5 Million gamers were at a risk of facing data breach, when their private information was stolen. It seems two highly visited gaming forums were responsible for this data breach. Hackers broke into these forums, and hacked the identities of the gamers which included email Ids, passwords and IP addresses. The two forums- Xbox360ISO and PSP ISO are known for allowing gamers to share & download free as well as pirated copies of popular games. The purpose of these forums was also the main reason why they attracted the eyes of the hackers. While incidents of cyber-attacks on PlayStation and Xbox users have happened in the past, nothing so magnanimous has ever been reported. So, what exactly happened that allowed these attacks?

Most people ignore phishing scams and eventually fall prey to them. They don’t realize that clicking on random email links, and giving away your private data can bring home harm. While selecting passwords to bank accounts, and other important online accounts, most of you choose to use personal information. That can work against you, especially in the world dominated by hackers.

Following are some of the tips that can help you against such attacks

  • Choose your passwords carefully. It is important to keep it as unique as possible, so that people cannot guess your password using your personal information such as your birthdate, email, mother’s name, your maiden name, etc.
  • When you receive an email, and the source seems suspicious, allow your gut to work. Don’t click on the link unless you know who the sender is. If you click and feel that you are being asked what generally isn’t, make sure you don’t enter anything. Chances of being phished in a phishing scam is high if you do
  • Make sure you check with people you know if they have received similar emails or, check with the company if they are out sending such emails

Currently, the 2.5Million gamers are worried about their information being misused, and demand to know if their account details have been compromised. Like most cyber-attacks, there is no name behind this one too, but according to some reports 1.3 Million accounts belonged to PSP ISO forum while the remaining belonged to Xbox360 ISO forum.

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