Digging The Dark Web and How it Works!

Googling for the Dark Web touches barely the surface of what it actually means. Popular folklore paints the Dark Web as an abode of hackers, drug peddlers, child porn, etc. However, it is much deeper and to learn more one has to dig further.

The Dark Web is part of the Web or the Internet as we know it. Consider the Internet as a forest with thick growth of trees and there are marked roads that take us from one location to another. The paths that lead us through the Internet are what we know as the “Search Engines”.

But what lies beyond the trees that line up this “Search Path” across the forest called the “Internet” is known.

And if one ventures beyond the marked path in a forest, it is easy to get lost unless one knows exactly where to go and what to find. That is similar to what can be considered as the uncharted or unmarked part of the Internet or the Dark Web.

Like the forest, the Dark Web is good at hiding people and their tracks and it is difficult for example put an end to the illegal trade that goes around these forests such as hunting for Tigers or Ivory. Because the people who do this are well averse with what goes on in the forest and there is plenty of places to hide from the law.

The Dark Web make use of technologies that have almost no weaknesses and entry points tightly controlled. The Dark Web is not necessarily a place for people to do all the wrong things and it is also used by human rights activists to fight against oppression.

Much of the tools that the Dark Web employs were originally developed by governments for aiding people fighting against oppressive governments around the world. One example is the Tor browser. Such tools help people hide their original identity and location on the Internet and protect from tracking them down.

The same tools are also used by people for illegal activities and this is when the people who created these tools incorporate backdoors using which communication that goes on at every point in the tool can be intercepted and thus one can know the source and the destination of the Internet traffic.

However, most criminals do not use run of the mill dark web tools and pay money to get their own customized versions that do not have any backdoors and even more secure and tightly controlled.

The only way to infiltrate illegal activity in the dark web is by being part of one like the hunter does in the forest as he hunts the wild becoming one of them.

Source: Pixabay

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