Recently a Dark Web vendor Double Flag was reported selling more than 1 Billion accounts stolen from Chinese Internet companies. As per the reports, the data compromised belongs to companies such as NetEase Inc and its subsidiaries like and In the last few months, DoubleFlag uploaded databases for sale which included Brazzers, Epic Games, ClixSense, uTorrent Forum,,,, Dropbox as well as 203,419,083 accounts from Experian plc., a major credit reference agency with operations in 40 countries.

Less than a day later, after 1 billion accounts were compromised on the dark web, the same hacker was once again selling extremely sensitive information which it claimed had never been leaked on the Internet before.

The database being sold by Double flag has personal and cell phone number information of about 126,761,168 citizens of the United States. It consists of the consumer details such as first name, last name, state, address, city, and phone numbers taken from the United States Cellular Corporation (U.S. Cellular). U.S. Cellular is a regional carrier owning the 5th largest wireless telecommunications network in U.S., with their services extended to 426 markets in 23 of U.S. states with over 4.9 million customers.

The info that the database contains is surely something which Intelligence agencies around the world would be interested to get their hands on. Double Flag claims that the database is updated till this month. The price that it has determined for this database is 0.5497 Bitcoin (USD 500). This means that anyone with access to this database can scan and check the details of the mobile phone numbers of millions of American citizens. Last year, Data Direct sold unscrupulous hackers full access to the voter registration database (voter) US to the free market. Hence, this is not the first time the US public personal data is sold on the internet.

A shocking revelation by some US officials, in the past few months, is that the Russians had affected the 2016 US presidential election, hacking the country’s political institutions and individuals.  The attacks and breaches are not likely to stop. Contrarily, they will get even more sophisticated with time. Therefore, as the attacks grow disruptive, bigger and even more hazardous, the cyber defense adopted by organizations is in an urgent need to get stronger and more sophisticated. Further, the government agencies need to start viewing cyber security as an ever evolving and dynamic process rather than a final goal.

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