Hack it if you can
The EVMs have been under the scanner for a while, with a lot of people claiming they have been tampered with. Every election, post the results, the EVMs are blamed for being tampered with, and the results fake. The election commission has dealt with the pain of being blamed for the tampering, despite having issued multiple notices that claim the EVM is tamper proof. The election commission has finally challenged the people to hack the EVM if they can. They want the people who are throwing around these statements to stand up to the challenge and prove that the EVM can be hacked.

According to reports, this particular thing will be conducted in the first week of May by inviting the computer experts and political leaders. A demonstration of the machine would be conducted to prove that they are secure, and to restore the faith of the people in it. This is in the wake of UP and Punjab assembly elections, post which the opposition parties had alleged that the EVMs were tampered with, while the EC has faith in the security and the technology used to develop these machines.

In fact, these machines can’t be moved out of the strong room, which is another reason why they cannot be tampered with according to the EC, even if someone wanted to.

How the open challenge works?
A group of scientists, computer experts, leaders etc. would be called to visit the machines. During a period of 10 days, these people will be asked to hack the machines, and try to prove they are vulnerable, and can be hacked. The challenge will be open for a week to 10 days.

To hack an EVM, following are the steps that you might need to take

  • You will need to use simple codes that need to be entered into the EVM in order to make your choice of party win. For this, you will need to change the motherboard of the EVM, which means you need to get it out of the strong room
  • The simple code can change the outcome of the election, and even when the EVM has been tampered with, you will still get a few votes that are genuine and honest

According to the EC

  • The new EVM machines have a tamper detection feature, which means if anyone did try to change the code, the machine will detect
  • A self diagnostic feature helps check for changes in the system every time it has been switched on
  • The software program for the EVM is written by only two companies, and the coding is done in-house, which means not many people are aware of the code
  • The microchips used by India are either made in U.S. or Japan, and the code is translated to the chip using machine language. Each microchip has a unique identification number, which cannot be changed. This means you cannot real tamper with the microchip either

These are the reasons why EC believe nobody can tamper with the EVM, So, hack it if you can!

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