A consumer advocacy group based out of Norway has discovered that couple of exercise-tracking apps keep tracking you even after you have stopped exercising. The Norwegian Consumer Council scrutinized many such apps and found that three of these exercise tracking apps failed the test and raised an alarm with Norway’s Data Protection Authority.

The Runkeeper app for example transfers personal information to a third party even when the app is not in use and does not offer to delete the users personal data. The agency has also noted that legally the app developers bind the user into accepting perpetual right to the user’s content, which includes a license to share the user’s content to unspecified third parties and also reserves the right to update their privacy at any time without prior notice.

Besides Runkeeper, the other apps in the spot are Vipps and Happn that also tracks users once they stop running. If found in breach of local laws, the penalty in Norway for privacy breaches can include jail time and fines. However, if the developer of Runkeeper does not have a local office, then they may be just be out of bounds.

This brings into question if by adopting these fancy apps we are offering our entire life to the cached on some server to be analyzed and used to either market goods and services tailored to our health regimen or maybe criminals can hack these services and the data and get to know where exactly you are exercising and with whom.

Source: Youtube

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