As per the reports of the local German media, Different hacking groups conduct on an average of 20 cyber-attacks against the Germany’s government networks every day. With their attacks getting more consolidated and sophisticated by the time, hackers are aiming at weakening the system, steal information and cause damage by breaching into the computer systems of the German institutions and companies.

The cyber security has been on a rage since the US presidential elections in which several US officials claimed a Russian hand in the outcome of the process by hacking government institutions and individuals.Moreover, in a recent report, the Federal Office for Information Security (FOIS) has analyzed these cyber-attacks. As the reports suggests, the German government are companies are a constant target for hackers trying to get into the systems. The toll which goes over a thousand cyber-attacks every day comprises both random mass attacks and planned target attack campaigns.

The number of cyber-attacks has multiplied over the past few years with the FOIS, in the first half of 2016, intercepting on average a staggering amount of 44000 infected emails per month before they could reach the addressee they were sent to. The amount is as many as four times the amount intercepted in the first half of the previous year. The attacks which are constantly growing in numbers are being targeted at the so called critical infrastructure of the Germany. An example being  from the late 2016 attacks on the Telekom where hackers had attacked and jammed the company’s router causing more around a million people to lose their TV, phone and internet connection.

However, there is no strong evidence to prove someone guilty, still the trails lead to Russia. And while Russian officials have denied any hand in the interpretation and manipulation to weaken the European Union or affect US presidential elections,The Domestic security agency Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution being quite certain of a Russian hand claimed that the hackers backed by Russian state had breached into the computers of 14 parliament members including one from the Angela Merkel’s office and stole vital data which amounted to 16 gigabytes approximately.

Given this threat, the question arises whether Germany is at all prepared for this new number and quality of cyber-attacks bearing in mind that a failure to do so might prove to be catastrophic.

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