With the Internet being used by almost everyone today, marketeers are trying to use every trick in the trade to get as much information on you. Governments all over the world are also seeking to know who you are, what you do and where you are.

A lot of people believe that by simply using a piece of software can help you be anonymous.  This is certainly being ignorant and this short guide will give you a glimpse into what it takes to be completely anonymous.

Not everyone can take all of these steps but if you are a researcher and wish to keep identity anonymous or if  you are working on a top secret project and yet seek to keep prying eyes from having a glimpse not into what  you are doing but who you are, then you should take this seriously.

  1. Operating System: If you are using Windows or Mac OS, be rest assured there is no privacy or anonymity. If you are under the illusion that using any version of Linux will offer privacy and anonymity, think again. As an example the newest additions of Ubuntu indexes and record your filesystem and searching habits for juicy data they then sell to who knows whom. Some nice alternatives are Debian, Linux Mint, Arch Linux, BSD and Porteus Portable Distro.
  2. Encryption:  Simply using Truecrypt and the silly HTTPS is not enough. You need to use GPG encryption 4096 bit RSA to encrypt messages messages or secure your contacts, Truecrypt your partitions, VHD’s, and other important files you need safe, always use a hidden partition with false files and such and encrypt your home folder when you install the OS of your choice.
  3. Mac Address: Believe it or not, all the encryption,Tor, VPN, VPS’s, and proxies will not save you if you don’t do one simple step… Change your mac address every time you log in. In Linux install macchanger.
  4. SmartPhone: Do not upload pictures online taken by your phone. Whenever one takes a pic with said phone, it embeds it with a GPS coordinates of where you took that pic. Plus there could be features within the picture itself that can give away who you are.
  5. Social Media: Leave your ego for FB and your buddies. The more you talk about yourself, the more other people can build a profile on you.
  6. DNS: Final word about DNS. Never use your ISP’s even with daily activities.

Source: Flickr.com

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