“Orange is the new black” is definitely a raging series, and people look forward to the new episodes. While people were waiting for the latest episode of the series to go live, a hacker who goes by the name The DarkOverLord released the upcoming series on the different file sharing networks, even before it went live on Netflix. This is a major hack, and you are yet to know who these people are who have hacked the series and went live with it. It is still unknown if they are a group of hackers or, it is one individual going by this name.

Where and how did TheDarkOverlord come into picture, and why would they be hacking the different sites? According to Cluley, they first appeared in the news last summer, and have been breaking into different corporate networks ever since. They have followed a specific pattern, and are trying to win over secure information.

They tend to access the private network, take hold of sensitive data and finally hack the site. Once the site and the data is in their control, they tend to connect with the company that has been affected, and tend to demand a ransom amount against the data. If the company pays off, they would return the data, else they leak the data causing a major loss to the company. This is the pattern, and it is exactly what happened to Larson Studios with Orange is the New Black season 5.

They often attack companies that are small, and can get into legal as well as financial trouble if they are poked with a ransom demand. This is not the first company that this hacker has attacked. Previously, they used to concern themselves with healthcare online. They have broken into the networks of a cancer clinic, two orthopaedic clinics and a dentist’s clinic online. They copied the patient data, and threatened to leak it.

Before Larson Studios, the other affected companies included a linen supplier, an investment banker, a plastic manufacturer etc. It is still to be known if any of these companies that were attacked did pay off the ransom amount or not. The reason for these attacks is pretty clear; the hackers want money, and they would go to any extent to extort money from these players. If they attacked larger players, chances of being paid are less, which is why they tend to attack the smaller fish.

How to prevent these attacks?
As a company, it is important to secure your public facing website as much as you can. When you are testing your website, make sure you run a beta version to eradicate the bugs from it. You should constantly upgrade the website with patches to keep the data secure. Ask your hacker group to hack it and check for vulnerabilities. This will help you remove the bugs that exist which can make the hackers run over it.

It is important to keep an eye out for hackers, which is why you need to keep running tests and incorporating feedback on your website.

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