With only couple of months away, the heat of the elections is the USA is rising with claims and counter claims from opposing parties. While the republicans are claiming the elections will be rigged, the democrats are painting the influence of Russia. And now the FBI claims that hackers from overseas have infiltrated the election system.

Though statement from political parties can be claimed to be propaganda, the FBI does it homework before coming out with this kind of statement. It was not long back when the democrats lost to the republicans on a whimper in Florida. And now they are once again concerned what is going to happen this time.

According to the FBI hackers have managed to get their hands on couple of state election databases and requested election officials to secure their IT infrastructure. Now all the FBI has come up with is IP Addresses which are so easily spoof able.  So the origin of these intrusions can only be speculated at best.

And also it will be difficult to trace and shut down these hackers if not impossible. Considering how close the polls are with both contenders and as the elections near, it is bound to be closer and a few votes here and there can clinch the winner. Under the circumstances, the role of hackers who have gained in strength world over and pitted against the  mightiest may have their own role to play this time in the US elections.

But the question to be asked is who these hackers are working for! Every spy agency nowadays have hackers in their payroll and someone closer to home can do more damage than someone outside the system.

Source: Pixabay.com

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