Ransomware, as the name suggests, is software that gives a free hand to the cyber criminals to extort money against the relevant data and documents stored in the computer. Here, the data and documents are held as hostages, and the malware authors can make you spend huge chunks of money to get the data back. This malicious software has found numerous ways to enter your machine, either social engineering tactics or, software techniques. Once inside, they no longer hold your data private, and the documents can be damaged beyond the purview of repair. Scary isn’t it? As scary as the malicious software is, there are ways to defend and protect against it. Let’s take you through a few points that will help.

Backup your Data Regularly

Regular and updated backup can save you from the malicious attack of Ransomware. How? Simple, when you are attacked, you might lose out on all the documents & data on the computer. But, with a backup ready to be loaded into your system, you have all the files and documents restored. So, you can stay rested! Use a cryptolocker, and encrypt your files on the PC. This regime will keep your data private even after the attack.

Allow Hidden File Extensions to be Displayed

With Cryptolocker, you will see the name of the extensions i.e. .pdf, .exe consistently. There could be a lot of hidden files in your computer, some of them could be suspicious too. Hiding file extensions would never give you a glimpse of these suspicious files, which is why you should ideally allow file extensions of the hidden files to be displayed.

Disable AppData & LocalAppData Files

A lot of times files running on local app data folders can cause a malicious attack. You can prevent Ransomware from attacking you by creating rules within the OS or, within the software that prevents such intrusion to stop Cryptolocker from running an executable file from either Appdata or Localappdata folders. Sometimes a legit software needs to be run from AppData instead of the usual program files, and this can be excluded from the rule you have created.

Update the Software

Sometimes it is the vulnerabilities of the outdated software that leads to attacking from Ransomware. If you practice updating the software or, the patches that have been released, you can protect your system from such vulnerabilities. Make sure you upgrade the security releases from the vendors on a regular basis. If you can’t keep track of the updates, it is a good idea to switch the automatic updates on.

These are just a few tips to protect your system from getting attacked by Ransomware. A wholesome regime will keep your system and files protected and secure.

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