At the moment, everything the Pentagon has involves software. The exponential growth in data has led to increased opportunities for the Department of Defense but, it has also created a lot of challenges. One of the greatest challenges facing Pentagon is managing their systems in the era of cyber-crimes. The data is vulnerable, and the systems can be compromised in just a few years. If current events are anything to go by, then you will realise that it is not easy to have a band-aid solution to the cyber-crimes. You need to ensure a complete solution that will solve the problem from its root. The defences are not weak but, the defence mechanism gets unearthed by the cyber-criminals once the vulnerabilities are out in the open, and they figure a way to get into the system.

As the systems grow old, protecting them becomes an issue, and as they grow older than two years, they are open to these criminals. All the vulnerabilities are available for display in this manner. The Pentagon is working to improve the defences but, they have not been able to get a proper solution to remove the situation. Even the fanciest security system has a loophole in the present time, and that’s the biggest problem.

Let’s concentrate on finding ways in which you can take the issue head-on, and bring in a solution. Here are a few tips that will help Pentagon keep up with the needs of their defence mechanism

  • Update your System Regularly: It is important for Pentagon to keep updating their system every few months or on a yearly basis. This way you will be able to keep the vulnerabilities out and ensure your system can face all sorts of cyber attacks
  • Keep a Backup: Make sure you have a backup of all your work i.e. documents, files, etc. This way you will be secure in case any attack comes across your data. A backup will help you restore the files and documents, and ensure your work is not discarded
  • Encrypt your Files: The important thing is to encrypt the data on your system. When an attack occurs on your system, chances of getting into your private data are reduced if the data is encrypted. Use some robust software solutions to encrypt the data and files

Pentagon is currently increasing the security for their systems and data. The data plays a major role in numerous industries, which is why the privacy control is even stricter.

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