Hacking, when done ethically is not a crime, just like some of the personalities mentioned here who have contributed significantly to cyber security around the globe. White hat hackers use their cyber security skills to break into protected systems and networks to assess and test the cyber security level and bring out the vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker, or black hat hacker can make use of it for his/her own good. Some of these hackers decisively helping the organizations and government in safeguarding the online cyber environment

Rahul Tyagi
One of the most followed Indian information security expert across social media, Rahul Tyagi is a post graduate in computer science and has more than a hundred training sessions under his belt in five years. He has dealt with critical risks and vulnerabilities on the websites of companies like Intel, HP, Discovery Networks, TED and much more.

Pranav Mistry
Pranav Mistry hails from North Gujarat and currently is the head of the think tank and director of research of Samsung Research America. This extraordinary hacker is also famous for the invention of the invisible computer mouse and sixth sense technology used by NASA. He has done his masters in media arts and masters in design from IIT Bombay.

Ankit Fadia
Just 27 years old, Ankit Fadia has been honored with many awards like India Today Magazine 2011 Global Cyber Security Ambassador, Top 100 Tech Personalities in India,   MTV Youth Icon, National Telecom Awards, Govt. of India 2011, 2008 Young Achievers Award, and many more. He has delivered more than a thousand lectures in 25 countries and trained in excess of 20k people in China and India. He has also hosted a popular MTV show “what the hack” where he used to give tips, tricks and info about technology and the internet.

Vivek Ramachandran
A world renowned security researcher, Vivek Ramachandran is an expert in exploit research, wireless security, embedded systems security, e-governance and computer and network security. He has done his Btech from IIT Guwahati.  Currently, he is an advisor to the Computer Science Department’s security lab. He has won many awards including the ones he got from Microsoft and Cisco. He also happens to be an internationally acclaimed speaker. Some of his well-known events include The Caffe Latte Attack in San Diego and WEP Cloaking Exposed in Las Vegas.

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"As a child, I was always looking at cyber security news because it interested me immensely. Growing up, I developed a habit of surrounding myself with other like-minded people and this helped shape me as a cyber security enthusiast. By constantly indulging in cyber security related forums, my love for the topic has snowballed."

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