When Hacker’s attacked the French TV station, TV Monde in April 2015, little they realize the cost of it all. A total of $9 million. But more than the  money, the organization had to change the way it functions. Those who work in the media industry are not adaptable to strictures and most of them do not like to work in a corporate like environment.

But all of that changed at TV Monde after the hacking. No more using flash drives without first running them through the security guys, ensuring proper authentication of emails received from overseas. The event almost destroyed the TV network.  The attackers who were Russian hackers unleashed malicious code to destroy almost every one of their networking systems.

Resulting in a complete shut down of all its 12 channels and every minute new systems were being shut down. However, the station managed to keep itself above the water that day with the help of alert technicians who cut off the malware infested systems from the network just in time.

This was not some stray cyber attack but a well planned one that involved multiple channels of entry and some of these points were located out of France in the Netherlands. Thus the attackers had the entire blueprint of how the channel worked.

Whats curious is that the hackers initially claimed to be part of a terrorist group but were eventually found out to be the dreaded APT 28 group of Russian hackers.

So why did this group attack a French television station? According to cyber security experts, they may have used this attack as a test run for something else they planned for a bigger one in the future. Thus far the hackers have  not been caught.

Source: wikipedia.org

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