It was not long back when we heard that the popular business networking website was hacked.  And it seems to be happening over and over. Recently, it has come to the light that this time the networking site is in more trouble  as hackers have advertised the sale of than one hundred million LinkedIn account logins.

And guess what much of these data is stolen from the 2012 hack. Though LinkedIn had claimed to have plugged the leak by resetting the account logins in 2012, it seem they did so only to a fraction of the accounts IDs actually stolen.

The new hack and the sale details was posted the news site Motherboard and that list included total of 117 million passwords. Though the passwords are encrypted or encoded, they can be easily reversed by online tools.

Though LinkedIn claimed to have reset all the accounts from the first breach, Motherboard was able to access one of the accounts using the password from the new list. Seems like websites do not learn from past mistakes or that they keep a backdoor open for some reason.

Source: wikipedia

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