When most 22 year olds are partying and picking up less lethal challenges. Javed Khatri decides to storm up things a bit. In a streak of positive patriotism, the young App developer from Mumbai hacked into the PM’s app. He claims that his intent was not malicious. It was a constructive effort to point out the loopholes in the current app which was downloaded by more than 7 million people. The app in question was used for survey. This feat raises serious questions about data security and data breach. The best outcome of the situation is that nobody has been rubbed the wrong way and BJP has openly acknowledged the youth’s effort. Amit Malviya, National convener, BJP IT cell went on social media to do some damage control, explaining that the potential flaws in the app have been removed and further discussions have ensued to undertake preventive measures. So, thankfully we have avoided a Snowden like situation for our dear wonder boy, Javed.

The threatening bit though is the fact that it took him about 20 minutes to hack into the app which gave him access to user data and details. In a densely populated country like ours, this news is like taking a cold shower in December.

Despite, all claims of damage control, this episode is an eye-opening wake up call. Though, such events are not uncommon worldwide, it raises serious security questions. The information about the hacking was soon removed from the Internet and the youth had to furnish more than a justification for his action, confirming that the flaw had been removed from the app. But, imagine this being someone from a different nation who could care less about informing or positive impact. It would take the brain a micro second to understand that the enormity of the situation. Similarly, government websites and delicate data can be abused to harm the national in unimaginable and imaginable ways.

The takeaway is simple. Digital data security breach and Cyber crime is going to be a threat, someone is always going to be smart enough to break into the sanctimonious innards of website. The need of the hour is judicious implementation of ethical hacking mechanism which keeps the threats at bay. And being the IT hub, Indians can surely have an upper hand in the pursuit of Digital Data Security.

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