Yes. This is some fantastic news for those who are concerned about security and privacy. Besides offering VPN access for its native browsers on the mobile, Opera has now introduced a standalone app which when installed on your smartphone channels encrypted and secure communication to all other apps and also app stores.

This means you can now feel comfortable in using your mobiles for sharing information among peers in complete confidence. The best part of this news is that the services is being offered for free without any data limit or login requirement. and also comes in-built with advanced WiFi protection. The iOS platform was the first one to get the standalone VPN app and millions have downloaded this app.

The Opera VPN app offers virtual protection akin to the Vikings shield in ancient times and also cut across online borders. The WiFi protection features classifies a connection using grades from A to F depending on the level of encryption used, IP Address, and the number of devices on the network besides checking for any form of monitoring by the network.

Privacy conscious users can use virtual locations from US, Canada, Germany, Singapore and The Netherlands. The not so good news is Opera may be owned in the near future by a consortium of Chinese companies.


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