With every gap pronounced, Whatsapp is releasing updates to close them and ensure a seamless user experience. Currently, WhatsApp is all set to introduce a new feature which will allow you to recall messages that were sent by mistake. As part of this update, Whatsapp will also allow live location tracking to know your contacts’ whereabouts in real-time. Interesting, isn’t it?

Currently, WhatsApp is testing a few more features that it would like to be a part of its messaging app. A lot of people suffer from the problem, where they mistakenly send a message and are unable to delete it or, stop it from being sent. This messaging app is now testing the editing capabilities as well as the message recalling skills. You can now edit or even delete the message from your friend’s phone before they read it. The new feature spotted by a Twitter account will be released with the Beta version and tested with the users before it makes a full appearance as part of the app. There will be two features added to the update – Revise and Edit. This will come for messages that have received grey ticks, and the blue ticks for the same are pending. In case you revoke the message, the message you have revoked will be replaced with “sender has revoked the message”. While the Twitter account has gone ahead and made the introduction of this new feature clear, the company is yet to announce it officially.

Along with the revoke feature, WhatsApp is all set to add a new feature that allows you to track your contact’s every movement. This new feature is called “Live Location” With this you can track your movements as well as the movements of your contacts at any given time. How would this feature be useful? At any given time, if you are meeting a friend, and don’t know where they are stuck up, this feature gives you a complete picture. This location tracking will not run in the background though. You will need to opt for this feature, and only those who have activated the feature can view the location and track it. Of course, with this feature on, you can easily share your location without hindering the privacy at any given time.

With time, WhatsApp is planning to introduce new features as well. These features will be opt-in variants, and will not run by default in your phone. Currently, the iOS Beta version for iPhone is being reviewed for the app update.

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