If you have been told that the Tor browser is the the one that sufficiently protects your privacy when surfing online by hiding your IP address, this may not be exactly true. Recently, Mozilla the developer of the popular Firefox browser took the FBI to court for privacy violation in seeking to know if the agency had introduced a vulnerability in its browser code which forms the core foundation of the Tor Browser as well.

This case filed by Mozilla is not simply a dressing up as it has filed a criminal case. That will force the government to disclose any vulnerability  before it is disclosed to any other party.

This action from Mozilla took place after the FBI investigated and shut down a Tor based child abuse site. And the FBI also installed malware to trace the users. This incident has given to suspicion that the Tor browser which uses much of Mozilla browser code is susceptible to malware and raises concern about its viability as a secure browser. If this is true then what can we say about the other browsers such as from Microsoft, Apple or Google!

Edit: 30 May 2016 – The latest news on this case is that the court has decided not to accept the evidence presented by the FBI and thus also put paid to Mozilla’s plan to uncover the vulnerability in its browser.

Source: Wikipedia

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