When a company is acquired, it seems such a great news to follow. However when Symantec decided to acquire, Blue Coat Systems for $4.65 billion that was like above the top for any budding entrepreneur in the security domain.

But the real story is scarier than one would think. For one, Blue Coat Systems is the sort of company that some of the cutting edge stuff, the kind of stuff the three letter agencies want their hands on.

And they have become famous for the man in the middle SSL/TLS decryption stuff they peddle to governments and corporations and which is basically to intercept and decrypt encrypted traffic over the Internet.

Now that is not the bad news yet. It has been found that the tools that Blue Coat sold to decrypt encrypted traffic used a Symantec intermediate certificate that got them to do their sneaky job seamlessly for all the SSL certificates on all the sites that one would visit. So it is no big wonder, Symantec would acquire Blue Coat. And it was not long ago that Symantec bought out VeriSign that issued SSL certificates to like almost everyone.

This means we have now one corporation owning a widely used certificate authority and now also owning the developer of the top SSL-decrypting tool out there, So this begs the question. Is anyone safe now from the prying eyes of whomsoever it may be.

Source: Youtube

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