Hack your Mobile into a Remote Security Camera

In this tip, we show step by step how to convert an idle mobile phone into a live surveillance camera. Ofcourse you know the myriad benefits of such a device and that is left to your imagination.

Lets see what such a device can do for you:

  • Recording video and save on Mobile or Cloud Drive
  • Video Motion and Audio detection
  • Night Vision
  • Live streaming and Online Streaming using IP Address
  • Login Security

Ok first you need to download the IP Webcam to your smartphone. Start the installed App and enter the settings option where you need to create and login to an ivideon.com  account. This will get you Online Streaming using IP Address.

In the settings option, you can enable the Night Vision feature as well as live streaming feature using the Start Server option which should display the IP Webcam IP Address using which you can view the live stream on a web browser.

Ofcourse, these settings will only guide you to convert your mobile into a live streaming webcam but the way you use it by placing the mobile device at a strategic location can offer you much more…

Source: Pixabay.com

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