Anonymous shopping can protect your identity, financial details, and discourage marketeers from spamming you by sharing very little information about you.  It can also cloak your identity, and prevent fraud transactions. Most people think only criminals and people purchasing illegal stuff use anonymous purchasing methods. However, just about anyone should be encouraged to protect their identity and financial records and save billions of dollars in fraud.

Also when one purchases online the information about the item you want to purchase may be on a legitimate website whereas the backend payment processor may have been compromised.  Under the circumstances making use of your credit card on such sites involves a huge amount of risk. Many websites also store your financial and personal details on their servers in unprotected format thus providing hackers to steal their data. By anonymously purchasing items, you reduce the above risk considerably.

Ways to purchase online anonymously!

Mask Me – Mask Me provided by Abine,  offers a absolutely FREE credit card service that is also disposable. So all you need to do is link your credit card and generate their disposable credit cards to make %100 legal purchases online with a masked card. Many banks and financial institutions are also providing disposable credit cards.

PrePaid Cards – Prepaid cards are available from any of the box box retailer and you can pay with cash to purchase them thus offering complete anonymity. They are untraceable and the favorite for those who do not want their purchases traced back to them.

Third party vendor – A new wave of websites that function like an escrow account are becoming the new rage. You can pay bitcoin, cash, or credit, and the third party vendor those the purchase on your behalf with the seller getting information about the vendor than yours.  Yes you need to be careful when selecting the third party vendor and vesting your shipping address to them.

BitCoins – This crypto currency offers one of the most anonymous forms of making an online transaction. Its almost %100 anonymous. With more sellers accepting Bitcoins and crypto currency becoming a rage with a lot of people, you are sure to find what you want and purchase it anonymously using your bitcoin vallet.

Gift Cards – Gift cards also offer %100 anonymity if they are purchased using cash.  An example is an Amazon gift card that you can purchase from a store using cash and then use it to purchase online. Regardless of which option you take make sure you also use anonymity tools when surfing the Internet and making those purchases.


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