Just in the span of four months, the Holland based analytics app ‘Twitter Counter’ has once again acted as a gateway for hackers to upload pro-turkey messages from some highly prominent twitter handles belonging to celebrities, Forbes, UNICEF, Nike Spain, Amnesty International and several numerous other individuals and organizations.

All these events follow the recent incident where Dutch officials prohibited Turkish ministers from speaking at a rally in Rotterdam. President Erdoğan condemned the Dutch government for an unfriendly behavior and stated the act like those of Nazi remnants.

Now thousands of compromised twitter accounts have been posting spam message written in Turkish which compares Dutch to the Nazis along with #NaziHollanda or #Nazialmanya and swastikas. The message also consisted of a link to a pro-Erdoğan YouTube video. Though twitter did not mention the app that led to such a hazard but soon the third party app called Twitter counter accepted the breach and stated that it took the required actions immediately and started an investigation into the matter.

Apart from monitoring the twitter activities, the Twitter counter app can also post to user’s timeline automatically which clearly appears to how the hack would have taken place. The company states that the hackers would not have access to twitter accounts or passwords or any other sensitive information about the users. The incident followed various account holders deleting the posted messages while some like Amnesty confirming that their accounts have been compromised.

This attack comes at a mere gap of four months after the hacking which led to posting through high profile accounts including those of Lionel Messi, Xbox, PlayStation and Viacom. The incident comes as another reminder that despite all options and tools to securing twitter account, apps and services that route to the social network often acts as a highway or gateway for hackers to gain control over the proceedings.

Though Twitter states that nothing needs to be done on the consumer front as the issue has already been dealt with, the users shall ensure their safety since the attack took place with the help of a third party app. If unsure about the security of their account, users can go to settings, followed by a click on ‘Apps’ sections and revoking the twitter counter or removing any other app that seems unfamiliar or is no more being used. Always follow a two factor authentication along with a strong password to ensure optimal security of your account.

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