There are a lot of public facing websites that the US air force owns, and it is time they check for the vulnerabilities within these websites to make them full proof. This way they can prevent it from being tampered, and can check for all the possible issues or bugs there are in these websites.

For this purpose, the US air force has introduced the bug bounty program in the coming month for their public facing websites in exchange for cash rewards. The idea is to get all the vulnerabilities out and fix these websites.

It has taken the US government a while before they could actually accept the bug bounty program and introduce it to other websites that are vulnerable. It all started with “hack the Pentagon” which was the first ever bug bounty program introduced. Till date though, hackers from within the United States were called to hack and check for the vulnerabilities. With the Air Force bug bounty program, this will go beyond the United States. The government will call upon hackers from outside the US to participate, and hack the websites. Hackers from UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand have been called for this hackathon that will help understand the vulnerabilities in the website. This program would be administered by HackerOne.

The idea behind this hacking program is to ensure there are no vulnerabilities by fixing them up completely. That’s why they have opened it up to the global hacker community, so that they have all the issues solved at once.

Why the bug bounty program?
There is a reason why this bug bounty program is gaining popularity in U.S.  For one, a lot of hackers are getting into the system, and trying to hack the websites to get the vulnerable data. Before the attacks happen, and secure data that needs to be protected gets lost, it is important for the country to take steps to prevent it. That’s precisely why the US air force is calling upon friendly hackers to look into the websites, and hack them to check the bugs. There may be several bugs, which need to be resolved before the site goes live for the hackers around the world.

The bug bounties are gaining immense support from the defence digital services. The idea is to understand that every system has its set of vulnerabilities, and actually work towards improving them. This way the public facing websites can prove to be secure and absolutely safe for the people to access.

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