Yes you can completely physically destroy your computer and not just wipe out the hard drive using the USB Killer Device. This is not a plain vanilla USB stick though it works in the same way and all you need to do is plug it in the computer’s USB Port.

What this commercially available device does is collect power from the USB power source and then repeatedly discharge 240V into the connected computer till it completely burns out. All in a matter of few seconds.

Developed by a Russian hacker in 2015 who goes by the moniker, Dark Purple, he showed how it is possible to destroy any computer or laptop using its USB port. This was not invented through cause destruction but to demonstrate the vulnerability of USB Ports and Standards. However, now this product is available for  $56 through an online site.

The USB device that looks like any other pen drive contains small capacitors that draws enormous amount of power from the USB Port that it is connected to and thus gets about causing destruction of the connected computer or laptop. Now imagine if instead of capacitors some hacker plugs in 3D printed miniature detonators what could happen considering these devices look so harmless and probably go undetected through airport security.

Source: USB Killer

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