Linux is an open source operating system which has evolved from its previous version Unix. Though other operating systems offer more user friendliness, Linux has some amazing features that make it a more preferred choice for use by hackers. A few of such features are described below:

Strong Access and Control: Linux offers strong access and control to its users. This is because Linux is designed around a strong and highly integrated command line interface. Moreover, Linux is more granular when compared to other operating systems. This implies users of Linux have an infinite amount of control over the system. In Windows, users only can control what Microsoft permits them to control. But in Linux, everything can be controlled by the computer terminal from the most microscopic to the most macro level.

Lighter and Portable: Users can easily create customised live boot disks and drives from Linux as per their requirements. The installation of Linux is quick and is light on the computer’s hardware resources.

Supports Programming Languages: Linux offers supports most of the programming languages, such as C/C++, Java, PHP, Perl, Ruby and Python. This aspect system makes scripting in any language very simple and effective on Linux.

Open Source and Transparency: Because of the open source structure of Linux, the users can modify its source code according to their needs. Even the kernel of Linux is accessible to its users. This feature makes Linux more transparent and flexible for use.

Stability: Linux is the only operating system that does not need to be rebooted again and again to maintain optimum performance levels. Moreover, Linux does not hang up now and then or slow down over a period due to memory leakages and similar issues. One can easily use Linux for years. This is an important feature for heavy duty work like software testing.

Network Friendly: Linux offers several libraries and commands that can be employed to do network penetration testing and similar tasks. Moreover, Linux is more web friendly as it provides faster network backup than other operating systems.

Multitasking: Linux is designed to do many tasks at the same time. For example, printing a large document does not slow down any other work being done on Linux. Many applications can be run simultaneously without draining its resources or disturbing any core processes.

Low Cost: Linux is available for free on the Internet as it an open source operating system. Moreover, the applications that run on Linux are free. This makes it a preferred choice for the community at large.

The above-mentioned features make Linux the preferred choice for the hackers and security professionals since they can easily test their skills on this operating system.

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